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SETASIDE SOLUTIONS' Director of RFP Operations

Cathryn Kallwitz is SETASIDE SOLUTIONS’ Director of RFP Operations, managing all aspects of the RFP Operations Department as well as supporting the development of procurement process methodologies and standards. As a member of the SETASIDE SOLUTIONS team, Cathryn provides procurement related strategic advice and assistance to Clients in the planning, development and execution of complex RFP requirements, in addition to design and development of qualitative and quantitative research strategies, information management methodologies and document standards.

Prior to joining SETASIDE SOLUTIONS, Cathryn was employed as a Research Assistant at Carleton University, involved in a wide variety of projects. Cathryn has been a primary researcher in a number of both quantitative and qualitative studies. In 2003, Cathryn received the Pollara Advanced Prize for her research paper on "The Formation of Political Preferences."

Cathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts (Combined Hons.) degree in Political Science and Sociology from Carleton University, and is presently completing a Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology at Carleton.

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